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Paris Delaville restaurant joins Ecler experience

Imagine immersing yourself in the vibrant and fashionable atmosphere of late 1800s Paris. During that era, Chef Jean-Nicolas Marguery established Le Marguery, a Parisian hub for grand receptions. It was a gathering place for artists, socialites, and influential individuals. The venue became renowned for political banquets and family celebrations, held in reception rooms like the "Egyptian" and the "Chinese" rooms. Upstairs, the ballroom hosted passionate and unforgettable encounters. 

Fast forward almost 150 years, and Delaville opened its doors in 2015, aspiring to preserve the soul and ambiance of that bygone era. This iconic establishment has transcended time, seamlessly blending the spirit of contemporary artistry and celebration with the essence of a new generation of Parisians. 

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The importance of sound in hospitality

Cedric Guerin, CEO and owner of Delaville, emphasized the importance of sound and music in hospitality venues. Recognizing the significance of this element, comparable to lighting and excellent service, Guerin stated: "The amazing power of music is related to emotions and sensations." With its cabaret evenings, DJ sets, exhibitions, and restaurant/bar services, Delaville presented an ideal opportunity for Ecler's versatile solutions to shine.

The challenge

This challenge was embraced by MOH Concept, knowing that EclerNet could fulfill all of the venue's requirements: providing music in the nine different zones, each with its distinct musical theme; enabling customers to connect their smart devices for personalized music experiences; unifying the sound system during DJ sets or exhibitions; and ensuring compliance with outdoor sound regulations imposed by the town hall, among other considerations.

Our solution

AUDEO106 loudspeakers were installed in seven out of the nine zones, including the outdoor passage connecting the terrace and the main room. In the "La Salle Mosaïque" room, dedicated to large events, cocktails, and housing the DJ booth, eMOTUS8OD speakers were deployed by MOH Concept. This unique room also featured AUDEOSB110P subwoofer, delivering a warm and powerful sound that made the original 1800s mosaic tiles resonate with the DJ's sets.

Adjacent to the "La Salle Mosaïque" room is the "Le Salon Rouge" area, where patrons can revel in an electrifying geometric ambiance while dancing to their own music plugged into the WPaMIX-T and WPaBT devices, all controlled with WPNET8K for source and preset selection.

In the restaurant area, customers can savor the exceptional service and delectable meals offered at Delaville, accompanied by Ecler sound delivered through AUDEO106 speakers and concealed ARQISSB6Ti subwoofers beneath the couches, enhancing the audio experience. Within the restaurant, customers can enjoy personalized music selections facilitated by Ecler input wall panels or indulge in their favorite media content integrated with the entire sound system, all controlled via WPNET4KV.

On the second floor, the "Le Marguery" room transports guests back a century in time, while providing all the modern conveniences. This space features a complete Ecler sound solution, including AUDEO106 speakers, with control managed through WPNET4KV for presets and source selection.

To manage the audio and video systems across the entire facility, two MIMO88 units were employed, utilizing an EclerNet Manager project. The systems are easily accessible via WPNETTOUCH located in the "La Veranda" area, allowing staff members to control sources, volume, EQ, and presets for all nine zones within the building.

Today, Le Delaville preserves the soul and atmosphere of its historic past, embracing a timeless quality that harmonizes with the contemporary, artistic, and celebratory spirit of a new generation of Parisians. The venue hosts cabaret evenings, DJ sets, and exhibitions, bringing together a collective of DJs, performers, and dancers. The menu focuses on seasonal, organic, and locally sourced products, both in the kitchen and at the bar.

Products installed at Delaville
MIMO88Image 1


8x8 | digital matrix | DSP | expandable


EclerNet Touchscreen Control Panel

EclerNet Manager

EclerNet | desktop application


EclerNet Wall Control Panel
WPNET8KImage 1


EclerNet Wall Control Panel
eMOTUS8ODImage 1


8" | 2-way | 100 WRMS | IP65 | outdoors
AUDEO106Image 1


6.5" | 2-way | 50 WRMS | Giugiaro Design


2x6,5" | 1-way | 120 WRMS | wooden sub-woofer
AUDEOSB110PImage 1


10" | 1-way | 150 WRMS | powered | auto-standby
WPaBTImage 1


Bluetooth® Wall Panel Receiver
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