Why Ecler

Engineering at your Service

Let us take care of everything so you don't have to worry about anything.

Providing highly specialized tools to predict the best end results right from the get go and onwards to completion.

Ecler experience in your space Ecler experience in your space
What do we need from you? Simple, just a couple of requirements:

Project location

Location is important to understand the project scope and its goals

Project purpose

What are you aiming with the space: Do you want to make people dance or just enjoying some background music?

Audio Zones

You could have the necessity of playing different music programs and audio contents in different areas of your space

Space Dimensions

Knowing the size of your space will give us an idea of placement and number of speakers you need

Project Schedule

We need to stablish a timetable to perfom the installation


Our Acoustics division provides you with solutions to transform the acoustic enviroment in your ally

Integrated or Visible Loudspeakers

A speaker may be installed in a visible location and play a prominent role or could be seamlessly integrated within overall décor.

Fixed or Mobile Installation

Depending on previous elements your installation could be fixed or temporary. Change the speakers location when needed with our solutions.

Music Style and Gender

Sound drives the customer's subconscious when it comes tu purchasing decisions, so having the correct tune will assure your customers satisfaction.

Aesthetics Requirements

Your brand is unique and we will find the best solution in our catalogue to make it pop.

Our Ecler Acoustics range provides you with solutions to transform the acoustic enviroment into your ally and to reach the best possible outcome.

Let our System Design Services help you achieve the best AV experience in you life spaces

Why our partners choose Ecler?

Ralf Kaiser, DerAudiokaiser in Germany

Ecler fulfil with their portfolio most needs for audio and video to realize our projects. In addition we are very satisfied with the sales and support team to 100%.

Federico Abades, Auditel Sonido in Spain

Why I choose Ecler? because of its long history in the audiovisual sector, for being an innovative company, for having an R&D&I department and for its good customer service.

Federico Rittatore, Merula in Italy

I always choose Ecler because it represents one of the best brands with whom I work and collaborate to create all the AV systems for our customers. Ecler is a company that produces very high quality products, which allow me to satisfy all the requirements of my customers.

Raul Ibañez, Sistemas 2 Valencia in Spain

I choose Ecler because it is a company that helps me to provide solutions to all my customers, and today it is one of the things I value most. For me Ecler has a great range of products and of exceptional quality.

Daniel Danzer, SLD Distribution in Germany

Why I have chosen Ecler as a brand. I've starting working whit Ecler more than 23 years ago; build up quality is amazing, people are amazing; they are innovative and obviously honest; the return of  warranty products is less than 1% . The Quality itself  is self-explanatory. 

Gerrit Onink, Go Group in The Netherlands

Why Ecler? Well, to start with, a wide range, excellent products and yes, a fantastic distributor for the Netherlands. And the quality of course, not to be forgotten, because very reliable and yes, really no complaints about it, top.