Mallorca, Spain

AluaSoul Mallorca Resort

Placed upon Egos creek, Aluasoul Mallorca Resort is one of the most exclusive hotels within the Balear archipelago. Constituted by 2 independent buildings, the complex is separated by the creek and the pool areas.

The sound system installation has been set up using Ecler devices entirely. 

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The hotel requirements included managing 3 different types of background music, paging console and prerecorded voice messages.The audio signals coming out from the sound sources have been distributed across the entire zoning Project with a simple and personalized management system. 

Our value

Javier Vela, technical manager from Grupo Tesla, presented the global project. Our Project Department along with Estel Company designed an EclerNet Manager layout to manage the sound system of each zone using a Local Area Network.The peculiarity consisted in trying to connect both buildings taking in consideration the distance between them and the single optical fiber cable which linked them. Aside from that, a new cabling system was not viable.

Taking this into account, audio over IP using DANTE protocol was the best fit thanks to a non-compressed signal transmission and lower latency through CAT5 or optical fiber cables. Therefore, this solution represented taking advantage of preinstalled resources with a positive impact on installation costs. 

Process and Solution

Two DN44BOB digital interface units were installed for analogue-digital signal conversion purpose before transmitting those signals from one building to the other. This device, which has been installed in world renowned places such as San Siro Stadium at Milan, is an audio over IP interface using DANTE protocol with 4 channel inputs and 4 channel outputs. 

Three DUO-NET Players have been appointed to deliver background music contents and prerecorded voice messages. Thanks to their compatibility with EclerNet Manager and TP-NET, DUO-NET Player is a perfect companion for the MIMO88 digital audio matrix. DUO-NET Player features two independent stereo players, capable of reproducing online radio, apart from locally stored or online located audio contents. Also features a calendar trigger events based on scheduling audio messages with date and time.

Seven WPmSCREEN digital panels and three WPTOUCH panels were strategically distributed across the facilities for zone’s monitoring.

In the upper side pictures , a UCP (User Control Panel) personalized for the restaurant area is shown; it includes 4 source selection buttons, a MUTE pad and volume control fader. Through Ecler UCP App, user area allowed to select the sound source and volume levels from their Android/iOS devices. The installation also allows triggering voice messages to any installed zone by using a gooseneck eMNC2 along with a WPmSCREEN panel connected to the network acting as a paging console.

The Installation was completed placing two-ways IC6 in-ceiling loudspeakers with discreet aesthetics for indoor placement, while the outdoors was the perfect place for the two-ways AUDEO106 acoustic cabinets. AUDEO106 features an elegant design apart from IP54 certification, main reasons why they were chosen for this purpose.

The 4 linkable channels HZA4-120F amplifiers equipped with SPM 100 Technology – Channel N and the high efficiency eHSA2-150 and eHSA4-150 amplifiers were chosen to supply with amplified signal all the loudspeakers previously mentioned.

View the full case study to know all the details of the project and the installed product list.

Download Aluasoul Case Study

Products installed in AluaSoul Resort


72x72 | digital matrix | Dante™ | AES67


4x4 | Dante™ digital audio interface


Dual streaming & media audio player


6.5" | 2-way | 50 WRMS | Giugiaro Design


2x150 WRMS | stereo | amplifier


4x120 WRMS | Flexi-power | SPM 100 tech | amplifier


4x150 WRMS | multichannel | amplifier
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