Burgos, Spain

San Amaro Rugby Stadium

The rugby field of San Amaro, inaugurated in 1980, take place on an existing plot between the University of Burgos, the Santander-Mediterranean railway line and the Arlanzón river. Its facilities allows to celebrate official rugby competition matches, as well as other sports such as archery or football 7.

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The installed sound system had to manage three sound sources (audio player, paging console and a wireless microphone) while providing high intelligibility level all over the field, so that voice messages and music reach players and crowd.

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To do this, our project department together with the installation company Seltron, perfomed a electroacoustic simulation study to determine the number, location and orientation of the speakers.


The large dimensions of the space (around 10,000 m²) are demanding in terms of acoustics conditioning, despite the fact that the space to be covered was only the playing field. In professional rugby, the referee carries a microphone so that all players hear their instructions correctly. The terraces, recently built, are located on one side of the field.

Taking into account the characteristics and limitations of the installation, the project department proposed a solution with 12 acoustic emitters:

  1. 6 eHORN10 2-way long throw loudspeakers, featuring a 10" LF driver and 1,7" HF driver. Powerful (250 WRMS @ 8 ohm) and high efficient horn (103dB 1W/1m) loudspeakers, includes 70/100V line transformer, certificated for outdoor applications (IP46).

  2. 6 eMSP50Ti sound projectors, made of reinforced ABS and IP66 certified, ideal for high performance outdoors.

The eHORN10 loudspeakers are installed on the light poles, 14 meters high, and provide a 90dB SPL sound pressure across the periphery of the field, a valid SPL level for voice messages in a sports field with these characteristics.

The eMSP50Ti acoustic projectors are located 6 meters high, installed on the roof of the terraces, in a cluster of 3 units to cover the entire area. Both the eHORN10 and the eMSP50Ti clusters were placed with the angulation determined in the simulation study to cover all areas of interest and guarantee the best coverage.

In terms of signal, a 4-channel installation was necessary: one line per side for the PA of the field, and two more lines for the speakers of the stands. For an optimal performance, Seltron made an adjustment of levels, delays and equalization, essential to unify the sound of the field and the harrow.

DAM614 is the digital processor installed to manage these 4 channels, a fully programmable mixer that includes 6 inputs and 4 audio outputs, DSP processing and 4 remote control ports. The amplification is carried out through two eLPA low impedance amplifiers to feed the field loudspeakers (eHORN10), and high impedance HSA2-400 amplifiying stage for the deck area (eMSP50Ti). As a operation center, a COMPACT series mixer was used to cover the needs of this installation, which allows to connect all the microphones involved, as well as the line level players or signal deliveries to communication media.

As sound sources, the project department suggestted the MPAGE4 paging console, an eMWH wireless microphone together with the eMWR receiver, and a DUO-NET Player, which integrates two independent stereo players, each capable of reproducing internet streamings (online radio stations, etc.), content stored locally (SD, USB) or networked audio media.

View the full case study to know all the details of the project and the installed product list.

Download the Amaro Rugby Stadium Case Study

Products installed in this stadium


6x4 | installation audio digital mixer


2x650 WRMS | lightweight | stereo | amplifier


2x400 WRMS | Energy Star | stereo | amplifier


6" |2-way | 50 WRMS | IP66 | sound projector


Dual streaming & media audio player
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