Why Ecler


At Ecler we want to create a positive impact on society, with the people who use our products, and also by ensuring that our products are manufactured in accordance with our code of ethics.

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Social and environmental ethics Social and environmental ethics

Ecler green facts since 2010

The longevity of Ecler products, the use of amplification technologies with higher efficiency than the competition, the incorporation of the auto-switch off system... were already at that time, strong arguments in our sustainability awareness. 

ISO 14001 certification before 2024

ISO 14001 guarantees the commitment assumed with the protection of the environment, through the effective management of its processes associated with the activity carried out.

Our Sustainability Committee
Multigenerational team of 6 people
All our departments are involved
We are looking for alternative manufacturing materials
Sustainable habits in our daily lives
Verify our sustainable vision with suppliers
Joining sustainability-ecological programmes

Statement on Ecler's sustainability

Daniel González, Marketing Director

For almost 60 years now, we have been helping people share music and improve communication across race and borders. Also, as responsible members of the Business Community, we are committed to reducing and if possible eliminating environmental impact in the creation, manufacture and distribution of our branded products. We must work and act now, to protect the planet for future generations.