Houses of Worship

Most of these buildings were built decades or centuries ago with walls, ceilings and floors that reflect the sound easily, creating reverberation and so poor intelligibility.

We will need to digitally process the audio signal in order to reduce low frequencies that mask mid and high tones. Choosing the right equipment, that assures audio quality and intelligibility, will be a must.

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Our houses of worship solutions

Badajoz Cathedral

Badajoz, Spain


David Cribbis, Midwich in Australia

Ecler products perform like nothing else I have heard in their class and definitely not in their price range

Gerrit Onink, Go Group in The Netherlands

Why Ecler? Well, to start with, a wide range, excellent products and yes, a fantastic distributor for the Netherlands. And the quality of course, not to be forgotten, because very reliable and yes, really no complaints about it, top.

Products used on houses of worship


12x12 | digital matrix | DSP


LCD display | microSD | DLNA & Airplay | Streaming
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