Cavallino, Italy

Camping Village Mediterraneo

We would like to welcome you to the magnificent Camping Village Mediterraneo engulfed in the exuberant vegetation of the Cavallino Treporti peninsula. A place dedicated to those who enjoy escaping their routine. This five-star luxury facility has been recently renovated for welcoming guests wanting to live a memorable experience.

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Marco Mazzon from Sound & Light company was the project’s coordinator and the person who designed the camping’s full AV integrated system. Marco,who is the company owner, had the opportunity to be interviewed by IntegrationMag where he gave a full insight of the peculiarities of this installation. Our partner in Italy Exhibo recommended Ecler AV solutions due to their quality and reliability. We are presenting to you part of the interview:

Detailed Solution

IntegratioMag: Welcome Marco, it’s good to have you back. Let’s start with the “hot topic” because you were leading this project in a very difficult time…

 Marco Mazzon : They were difficult times indeed. The entire project happened in the middle of the pandemic in Italy and we suffered severe lockdowns. The whole project kept going on a very slow pace with very strict security measures. We would need to have more than 230 people on site everyday between plumbers, builders and technicians, and since the project included a full structural renovation, the sound system was the smallest of all challenges. All of this resulted in a project delay from what was originally planned. However, at the end everything worked out at the right time. 

IM : the installation is very modern and full of amenities. Could you tell us a little bit more about this five-star camping complex? 

MM : Camping Village Mediterraneo is definitely a mega structure which basically condenses the services area in the middle of the whole complex. On September 2019 the whole center area was demolished to be rebuilt again with 7 pools just in front of the sea, a restaurant, a pizza bar, ice-cream store, a wellness area, photos and retail stores, and a hair dressing salon.

Upstairs, we built a lounge bar and a marvelous infinite pool. But that’s not all, as any other hospitality facility of its kind you will encounter the classical information point, a gym and a nursery. However, “the icing of the cake” is in the basement where we built a 250/300 people capacity auditorium.

IM : Which was the client’s focus for this project?

MM : As any other five-star complex the customer requested a high-quality sound solution. As a matter of fact, we are talking about a huge complex located just 100 meters away from the seashore, therefore all installed products would have to endure challenging weather conditions including salt and sand. Because of this, our attention focused on getting the most durable products, such as Ecler’s IG108 that were installed in the pool areas, and are the perfect fit for outdoor conditions.

IM : But having such a titanic structure, what was the challenge on distributing audio signals across the entire complex?

MM : this was one the most important points of the project. Everything starts on the camping’s information point, from where public address messages and notifications related to events, important announcements or broadcasts are being constantly reproduced. This public address system is independent from the EVAC system, meaning the rack installed on this point has priority level above all other individual systems within the camping village.

Later, we installed six more racks distributed across the entire structure, and because it’s so big every single zone including the pool areas, shops and restaurants, have the capacity of managing individually and by itself. This means that the retail shop responsible could change the music program that comes from the information point anytime using an auxiliary input available within the shop. The digital audio signal distribution has been made using Ecler’s MIMO Series of matrixes.  

To manage all of the signals, EclerNet platform plays a key role through its customised graphic interface (UCPs) running on touchscreens, smart devices and cash registers points. The platform also allows to control Ecler’s video products and third-party devices such as a DVD player and a BlueRay. This way, the user has full control over the audio / video system from a single device.  

IM : As it’s already well known, IntegrationMag is now focusing on design aspects of the installation. Based on that, did the aesthetics play an important role on this project?

MM: The overall standards we focused on for selecting the best solutions were: material’s robustness and higher levels of design for both outdoor and indoor loudspeakers. Aesthetics are also an important factor in such big structures. Wherever was possible we incorporated in-ceiling speakers such as the Ecler IC6 in white color for the shops or the information point. In the case of the lounge bar we opted for Ecler’s AUDEO103 designed in collaboration with Giugiaro.

IM : What can ou tell us about the video signal distribution?

Regarding the video signals distribution, we were pleased to incorporate Ecler VEO solutions: from HDMI extenders including the new HDMI VEO-MXH44 matrix, to multiformat scalers.

Read the full interview on AVIntegration Mag:

camping village mediterrandio ecler audio system
camping village mediterrandio ecler audio system
camping village mediterrandio ecler audio system
camping village mediterrandio ecler audio system
camping village mediterrandio ecler audio system
camping village mediterrandio ecler audio system
camping village mediterrandio ecler audio system
camping village mediterrandio ecler audio system
camping village mediterrandio ecler audio system
Products installed in the Camping


Dual streaming & media audio player
eHSA2-150Image 1


2x150 WRMS | stereo | amplifier
eHSA4-150Image 1


4x150 WRMS | multichannel | amplifier
IC6Image 1


6.5" | 2-way | 40 WRMS | rust-proof grill
MIMO88Image 1


8x8 | digital matrix | DSP | expandable
IG108Image 2


8" | 2-way | 100 WRMS | Kevlar woofer | IP65 | in-ground
AUDEO103Image 1


3" | 2-way | 25 WRMS | Giugiaro Design
HSA2-400ESImage 1


2x400 WRMS | Energy Star | stereo | amplifier
eLPA2-350Image 1


2x350 WRMS | lightweight | stereo | amplifier
eLPA2-650Image 1


2x650 WRMS | lightweight | stereo | amplifier


EclerNet Touchscreen Control Panel
VEO-MXH44Image 1


4X4 HDMI 2.0 matrix with audio De-embedders
eMOTUS5ODImage 1


5" | 2-way | 40 WRMS | IP65 | outdoors
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