Bolduque, The Netherlands

Ecler Audio at Cupra Den Bosch Showroom

The Cupra Den Bosch showroom, known for its dynamic and customer-centric car reveal experiences, recently underwent an impressive upgrade to its audiovisual systems. This initiative was led by Tabify, in collaboration with our partner in The Netherlands Full AVL, a leader in professional solutions. The upgrade aimed to enhance the overall customer experience during the vehicle reveal moments, aligning perfectly with Cupra's commitment to elegance and high-performance.

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The Challenge

The primary challenge was to create an immersive, memorable car reveal experience that harmonized audio, visual, and lighting components seamlessly. The experience needed to be not only technologically sophisticated but also aesthetically pleasing to resonate with Cupra's luxurious brand identity.

As for the aesthetics considerations, Ecler’s NIMBO-24 speakers were a key aesthetic choice by Cupra. Their sleek and modern design complements the futuristic interiors of the Cupra showroom, ensuring that the sounding scape not only performs exceptionally but also enhances the visual appeal of the space.

General Solution

Regarding the audio system design, Tabify has include the following Ecler products to create the perfect atmorpehere for car reveals and background music in the showroom:

At the heart of the new audio system is Ecler's MIMO88, a flexible and powerful digital matrix that manages audio signals throughout the showroom. For user-friendly and intuitive control of the audio system, WPNETTOUCH featuring EclerNet's UCP panels were installed, enabling precise adjustments.

To deliver the perfect sound, NIMBO-24 loudspeakers in black color, specifically selected for the car reveal area. These speakers, offer a perfect blend of audio clarity and visual elegance, enhancing the dramatic unveiling of the vehicles. Positioned strategically at the bar area, ARQISSB12i subwoofer provide deep and immersive bass, enriching the ambient sound landscape of the showroom. For consistent and high-quality background music Ecler's DROP6 in black color set a sophisticated auditory scene for customers and visitors.

We cannot forget about the integration with with the showroom's video and lighting systems to create a synchronized unveiling sequence. When a new car is revealed, the system triggers an orchestrated display of sound, light, and visuals, making the first view of the car a breathtaking moment for the customer.


The Cupra showroom in Den Bosch stands as a testament to how tailored AV solutions can elevate corporate environments and create unforgettable moments for customers.

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Products installed at the Cupra showroom
Ecler NIMBO-24 top performance loudspeaker all colours.png


2x4" | 2 ways | 80 WRMS | Cloud-shape
MIMO88Image 1


8x8 | digital matrix | DSP | expandable


EclerNet Touchscreen Control Panel
ARQISSB12iImage 1


12" | 1-way | 300 WRMS | wooden sub-woofer
DROP6Image 1


6" | 2-way | 75 WRMS | ABS reinforced
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