Veluwe, The Netherlands

A.Vogel Experience chooses Ecler audio and video

Step into the serene Veluwe forests and discover the captivating gardens of A.Vogel, where the essence of medicinal plants and herbs forms the foundation for their natural products.

In collaboration with our partner in The Netherlands, FULL AVL, and their partner Verel from 's-Hertogenbosch, both embarked on an exciting journey to create a brand-new experience center that showcases A. Vogel's profound knowledge and unwavering fascination for health and nature. By leveraging the latest audiovisual techniques and the expertise of Ecler, they have transformed this center into a unique experience, captivating visitors through immersive audio, video and smell. 

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The challenge

At the heart of the A.Vogel experience center lies an interactive journey, guiding visitors through the entire process. Through meticulously designed audiovisual elements, Verel have enhanced the sensory experience, creating an unforgettable adventure. Every step of the way, visitors are engaged through the power of sight, sound, and touch, allowing them to truly immerse themselves in the wonders of nature's healing treasures.

The solution

Verel entrusted Ecler's complete EclerNet system to oversee the AV installation, seamlessly integrating audio, video, and lighting control. By employing this ecosystem, Verel ensured that visitors could fully indulge in the experience without worrying about technical intricacies. The EclerNet Manager platform, with its advanced automation capabilities, effortlessly manages the entire installation, guaranteeing a flawless, hassle-free and user friendly operation. Moreover, if desired, manual adjustments can be easily achieved through a simple touch on the intuitive WPNETTOUCH User Control Panels, which enabled Verel to adapt the experience to different layouts and preferences effortlessly. 

In the auditorium space where the video presentation of A.vogel takes the starring role, 2 ARQIS105i along with an ARQISSB10i have been installed. Talking about integration, a VEO-MXH44 video matrix, a MIMO88SG and the lighting system with the combination of a Visual Production from Cuety lpu2, are controlled by Ecler’s WPNETTOUCH

Verel also chose Ecler's wireless WiSpeak system for background music and sounds throughout the A.Vogel experience center. As for audio background, there are placed 7 TUBEs in total in combination with 5 VIC6X ceiling loudspeakers for toilets and other small experience rooms. TUBE speakers seamlessly blend into the lighthing rails, harmonizing with the overall space design. The WiSpeak system not only ensures exceptional sound quality but also offers a hassle-free installation process, creating a truly immersive soundscape that envelops visitors in a ode to nature.  

Through the collaborative efforts of Verel, Full AVL and Ecler solutions, the A.Vogel experience center has been transformed into a haven for sensory exploration. Ecler's core values of innovation and reliability perfectly complemented Verel's vision, resulting in an extraordinary audiovisual journey that captivates and educates visitors. By leveraging Ecler's cutting-edge audio solutions and the integrated control offered by the EclerNet manager system, Verel has created an enchanting space where the miracles of nature can be fully appreciated. Step into the A.Vogel experience center and let Ecler and Verel guide you on an extraordinary voyage through the power of audiovisual storytelling.

Products installed at A.Vogel Experience


8x8 | digital matrix | DSP | expandable


4X4 HDMI 2.0 matrix with audio De-embedders


EclerNet Touchscreen Control Panel

EclerNet Manager

EclerNet | desktop application


5,25" | 2-way | 70 WRMS | wooden made


10" | 1-way | 150 WRMS | wooden sub-woofer


3" | 1-way | 18 WRMS | WiSpeak | powered | lamp style design | rail mount


3in | Transmitter unit | WiSpeak | class 1 Bluetooth® | aux out


6” | 2-way | 40 WRMS | steerable tweeter | back can + tile bridge
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