EXPO DUBAI 2020 featuring Ecler Experience

Expo 2020 in Dubai, the event postponed by the Pandemic, will be around until March 31, 2022, the first Expo held in the Middle East, Africa, and Southeast Asia region since the first edition in London back in 1851. With an equivalent area of almost 600 soccer fields and 192 participating countries, this exhibition is a place like no other.

The use of the Ecler product at the EXPO is important and varied. Both in terms of electronics and loudspeakers, the breadth of our catalog has become evident with the choice of the brand to meet the needs of audiovisual integration in a representative number of Pavilions.

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Spain Pavilion

Located within the Sustainability district between Germany and New Zealand, close to the heart of the Expo. Under the motto "Connecting Minds, Creating the Future", and its 5800 square meters of surface are a plea to sustainability: intelligence for life. 

The museum part is equipped with 48 units of the Ecler IC6 ceiling loudspeaker and powered by eHSA2-250 high impedance amlplifiers, with the aim of providing sound on the exit ramp of the pavilion.

Likewise, Ecler material has been installed in the hospitality areas of the pavilion: restaurant, chill out area, etc. In these areas, the audio experience is driven by Ecler IC6, IC8 ceiling loudspeakers and eMOTUS8OD surface-mounted loudspeakers, powered by eHSA2-150 and eHSA4-150 amplifiers. Also, ePLAYER1 has been used as a sound source, always with the idea of ​​giving the best audio quality to the visitors of the pavilion.

The selection of Ecler products made by the company SONO, responsible for the project, has allowed a perfect integration into the different finishes and surfaces of the exhibition.

Morocco Pavilion

Located in the heart of the Opportunities District, near the United Arab Emirates, the Morocco Pavilion is a platform to share the Kingdom's strategic vision towards a more sustainable future, as well as a space to present the heritage and richness of its millenary culture.

Located in the heart of the Opportunities District, near the United Arab Emirates, the Morocco Pavilion is a platform to share the Kingdom's strategic vision towards a more sustainable future, as well as a space to present the heritage and richness of its millenary culture. In this pavilion, the company responsible for the designing and installation project, Novelty Group, has placed a total of 16 Ecler ARQIS cabinets models 106, 108, 112 and SB15 depending on the zone. The loudspeakers are amplified by 8 powered digital audio managers of the NXA series programmable through the EclerNet Manager software.

Likewise, in this pavilion, 5 8-channel eGPA Series of amplifiers are responsible for delivering the necessary power for an additional distributed sound system.

Angola Pavilion

Defined as a "Tribute to Indigenous Tradition and a Future of Innovation", the Angola pavilion, located in the Mobility District, immerses the visitor in the ancient art of "Sona Geometry", unique floral landscapes and installations of Angolan artists.

The Eikonos company from Barcelona has conceived the audio project and has been responsible for its set up and configuration. For this, it has had a MIMO4040DN Digital Matrix as the brain of the installation.

Three Ecler DN44BOB are responsible for converting the digital audio signal into analog so that the amplification (3 eGPA4-150, 1 eGPA2-150, 3 eLPA2-650 and 1 eHSA4-500) can power a varied range of speakers: 22 eUC106 spheres, 12 eAMBIT106, 2 AUDEOSB10P Subwoofers, 6 ARQIS208, 2 ARQISSB15 Subs and 10 IC6 and eIC52 ceiling mounted loudspeakers.

Tunisia Pavilion

This pavilion constitutes an artistic experience from a passionate perspective that is the basis for the visitor to discover the history of Tunisia, as well as the ingenuity and creativity of its youth, a message of hope for the future: "Inspiring youth, promising future".

Audio signals management is carried out by a MIMO1212SG digital matrix. The V.V. & Sons L.L.C. company of Dubai planned and programmed the entire BGM (Background Music) system using the DUO-NET Player and the eMPAGE console for public address messages. An Ecler WPNETTOUCH touch screen is in charge of controlling the system and  features UCPs with user-friendly configuration.

Slovenia Pavilion

Presented as a floating vision that highlights the country's position as an ecological, diverse, smart, and sustainable treasure in the heart of Europe. Populated by plants of Slovenian origin, the floating green oasis that inspires sustainable solutions is covered by a dome-sieve that completes the whole eco design experience. With the theme "Green and Smart Experience", the Slovenian Pavilion uses elements such as water, nature, and technology to engage the five senses and give visitors a deep insight into Slovenian culture.

The company led by Bostjan Konic, CEO of KSL STUDIO d.o.o. from Ljubljana, realized the audio project using the full features of 2 Ecler ePLAYER1 to reproduce native music, these players have been connected to the eSAM402 installation mixer, and 24 VIC6 ceiling loudspeakers have been used to bringing the sound to life within the entire building.

El Salvador Pavilion

It is the first time that El Salvador has participated in an Expo, and it is being one of the most embraced Pavilions, in which an immersive experience of the country is proposed, revealing key infrastructure projects that will transform the country into a world reference. A clear commitment to sustainable tourism with surfing as the main attraction. The Beandou company with Mauro Díaz as Project Manager has designed and executed in its entirety the audiovisual project of the Pavilion that includes an immersive 3D system and a comprehensive installation of Ecler material managed by a MIMO88 matrix.  Also, Beandou installed Ecler DN44BOB Dante™ Digital Interface and all the amplification necessary to move a considerable number of cabinets of the eMOTUS Series that have been complemented with subwoofers.

To these pavilions we must add those of Venezuela, South Africa, Hungary, Azerbaijan ... where Ecler products have also been entrusted to obtain an optimal result in terms of sound quality and a perfect audiovisual integration to the most varied and original aesthetic exhibits.

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Products installed in the Expo


LCD display | microSD | DLNA & Airplay | Streaming
eHSA2-150Image 1


2x150 WRMS | stereo | amplifier
eHSA4-150Image 1


4x150 WRMS | multichannel | amplifier
eGPA8-150Image 1


8x150 WRMS | class D | stereo | amplifier
Ecler MIMO4040CDN Tech Persp Right.jpg


40x40 | digital matrix | Dante™ | AES67
DN44BOBImage 1


4x4 | Dante™ digital audio interface
eGPA2-150Image 1


2x150 WRMS | class D | stereo | amplifier
eGPA2-300Image 1


2x300 WRMS | class D | stereo | amplifier
eUC106Image 2


6,5" | 2-way | 40 WRMS | pendant | spherical design
eAMBIT106Image 1


6" | 2-way | 50 WRMS | discreet design
AUDEO106Image 1


6.5" | 2-way | 50 WRMS | Giugiaro Design
eMOTUS5ODImage 1


5" | 2-way | 40 WRMS | IP65 | outdoors
eMOTUS8ODImage 1


8" | 2-way | 100 WRMS | IP65 | outdoors
ARQIS208iImage 1


2x8" | 2-way | 300 WRMS | wooden made
ARQISSB15iImage 1


15" | 1-way | 600 WRMS | wooden sub-woofer
eLPA2-650Image 1


2x650 WRMS | lightweight | stereo | amplifier


Dual streaming & media audio player
MIMO1212SGImage 1


12x12 | digital matrix | DSP


EclerNet Touchscreen Control Panel
VIC6Image 1


6” | 2-way | 40 WRMS | steerable tweeter
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