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Senses and emotions: while 83% of all commercial communication appeals only to one sense, our eyes. 75% of our day-to-day emotions are influenced by what we smell, and there is a 65% chance of a positive mood change when exposed to “positive” sounds.  Senses and the emotions we feel as a result of what we sense have a very big impact on our purchasing behavior.
Music affects the consumer’s behavior. The genre, loudness and tempo of music played have an effect on the consumer’s length of stay, the value of their purchases, and the brands they choose in the establishment.
The sound quality also has a significant impact on a consumer’s behavior. Distorted sound, a lack of clarity on vocals, or a poor low frequency response, can all lead to an unpleasant sensation that affects the way the consumer feels and then behaves.
Lastly, it must be said that each brand wants to be unique and to have a clear personality. Music content at POS is a key element in building this personality.

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