Warsaw, Poland

iMAD Store

iMAD has been an Apple official distributor and Service Provider in Poland for more than 10 years.

The showroom at Warsaw city center has a minimalist design, a space where lighting, aesthetic simplicity, and visual cleanliness are necessary. The ceiling has 5 lighting rails with spotlights that illuminate the products on display.

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PhonoMedia and Ecler wanted to provide iMAD with a powerful, reliable and user-friendly audio system that could transform their spaces into an unforgettable experience for their customers.


iMAD needed a sound solution that required a quick installation and a friendly-use managing system. The most challeging part included not shutting down the business while doing the installation.

Our value

Our partner in Poland, Phonomedia, rightly considered WiSpeak to be the right solution for this space, with all the benefits of a wire-free and “plug & play” installation.

Process and Solution

With ePLAYER1 as a sound source, which offers the possibility of playing from local storage (SD, USB), internet streaming and even shared audio content from a mobile device, 2 CORE transmitting devices send the signal to 8 CUBE loudspeakers receivers distributed throughout the store.

The installation’s control is made by WiSpeak grip application, which allows to have independent control of the 8 loudspeakers installed on the lighting rails, integrating perfectly with the space.

Kamil Wozniak, iMAD in Poland

WiSpeak is definitely the best solution for us. We have the sound system without any cables. The sound quality is really excellent. Moreover we have a megasimple application to manage the entire system which is also extremely important for us

Take a look to the products use in this installation down below.

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imad retail ecler audio system
imad retail ecler audio system
imad retail ecler audio system
imad retail ecler audio system
imad retail ecler audio system
imad retail ecler audio system
imad retail ecler audio system
Products used on this space


5" | 2-way | 32 WRMS | WiSpeak | powered | desktop + rail mount


3in | Transmitter unit | WiSpeak | class 1 Bluetooth® | aux out
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