Madrid, Spain

An outdoor Oasis near Madrid with Ecler sound

This remarkable property stands as a sanctuary for those seeking a respite from the hustle and bustle of daily life, offering a gateway into relaxation. With its meticulously designed outdoor spaces, including a picturesque lake, an inviting viewpoint, a shimmering pool, and an exceptional barbecue area, the villa promises an escape that blends natural beauty with leisure and Ecler takes part of the full experience.

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The challenge was clear: to enhance the natural beauty and serenity of the villa’s extensive outdoor areas without disrupting the harmony of its surroundings. The goal was to create an ambient experience that complements the visual splendor of the space. The outdoor sound system needed to be robust enough to withstand the elements, while providing impeccable sound quality that could envelop the entire area in an auditory experience as rich and inviting as the landscape itself.

The solution

The selected Ecler equipment to fullfil this callenge is crafted to not only withstand the outdoor conditions but also to blend seamlessly with the garden and leisure areas, ensuring that technology complements nature.

The heart of the outdoor ambiance is powered by:

  • 18 x eRK108 Outdoor Specialized Speakers: These 8-inch, 2-way garden speakers, boasting 15 WRMS and a stone design, are part of the garden itself. With an IP65 rating, they promise enduring performance.

  • 14 x eMOTUS5OD Acoustic Cabinets: With their 5-inch, 2-way design, these acoustic boxes deliver 40 WRMS of power and are also IP65 rated, ensuring they're capable of providing crystal-clear sound without succumbing to the elements.

  • HUB1408 Digital Zoner: At the core of the system, this digital zone manager offers 14 inputs and 8 outputs, facilitating effortless remote control via web, physical panels, and mobile devices. Its user-friendly configuration makes managing the villa’s soundscape a "summer breeze".

  • eHSA4-500 Multichannel Amplifier: This powerhouse amplifier, with 4 high-impedance outputs and 500 WRMS, ensures that every corner of the outdoor space is filled with rich, immersive sound, from the gentlest whisper to the most dynamic beats.

Through the integration of Ecler's superior audio solutions, the villa has successfully transformed its outdoor areas into a haven of both visual and auditory delight.

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Products Installed at the Villa Oasis


14x8 | digital zoner | DSP | plug&play
eHSA4-500Image 1


4x500 WRMS | multichannel | amplifier
eMOTUS5ODImage 1


5" | 2-way | 40 WRMS | IP65 | outdoors
eRK108Image 1


8" | 2-way | 15 WRMS | IP65 | in-ground | outdoors
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