What is an audio matrix and why installing Ecler MIMO matrices

If you work in a professional audio setting, such as a flagship store, hotel lobby or rooms, restaurants, classrooms, corporate spaces, concert venue, or broadcasting facility, you're probably familiar with the concept of routing and distributing audio signals between different sources and destinations. This is where an audio matrix comes in handy.

An audio matrix is essentially a switcher that allows you to send audio signals from multiple inputs to multiple outputs. It can help you manage complex audio setups, such as routing signals to different speakers, monitors, or recording devices, with greater control and flexibility.

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While there are many audio matrices solutions available in the market, one product that stands out is the Ecler MIMO Series of digital matrices. Here are some reasons why you should consider installing the Ecler MIMO matrix in your audio system:

  1. High-performance audio routing: Ecler MIMO Series of digital matrices uses advanced algorithms to ensure low latency, high-quality audio routing between different sources and destinations. It supports up to 64 Dante™ channels of audio and can be easily configured using the powerful EclerNet ecosystem.

  2. Scalable design: Ecler MIMOSeries of digital matrices comes in different sizes and configurations (MIMO88, MIMO1212SG, MIMO4040CDN, MIMO7272DN), allowing you to choose the one that best fits your needs. Talking about scalability, you can link two MIMO88 matrices to transform them into a 16 by 16 digital matrix to have more inputs and outputs available.

  3. Built-in signal processing: Ecler MIMO matrix includes a range of built-in signal processing tools, such as EQ, delay, and dynamics, that can help you optimize your audio signals for different applications. This can save you time and money on external processing gear.

  4. The power of EclerNet for your life space: let EclerNet, our pro AV ecosystem builder, take care of making things easier by providing you with a series of devices, including MIMO Series, that can addapt to almost any application you have in mind. The product range includes audio players, matrices, amplifiers, wall panels and paging stations.

  5. User Control Panels (UCP): Ecler MIMO Series offers the possibility of remotely controlling your installation by creating tailored User Control Panels via EclerNet Manager, allowing for multiple functionalities such as source selection, event triggering, EQ, volume, mute, and much more.

Ecler MIMO Series has been a stable and reliable product in the market for over 15 years, constantly evolving thanks to firmware updates and thousands of installations worldwide. This longevity is a testament to the quality and durability of the product, and a reflection of Ecler's commitment to providing cutting-edge and long lasting performance technology. With its advanced features and robust functionality, the Ecler MIMO Series remains a top choice for those seeking a powerful and flexible audio matrix solutions.

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