Introducing new colors for Vibes acoustic panels and CLIPKIT accessory for  panels.


4 new colors for Vibes design acoustic panels

The Vibes design (one of the most acclaimed patterns from the Points Of View collection) adds 4 more variants of alternative colors, thus increasing the creative possibilities for your panel composition and suit your aesthetic needs.
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CLIPKIT is available: New fixing system for 60x60 and 120x60 cm panels

CLIPKIT is the new fixing system for dropped ceiling & wall installation panels, with which you will be able to suspend them from the ceiling.

Each kit contains the material necessary to install up to 8 single-sided panels, or 16 double-sided panels, allowing the panels to be mounted in a suspended format, in places where installation on a dropped ceiling or wall is not possible.

Points Of View panels at DB Schenker offices in Poland

Our Polish distributor is currently installing acoustic panels in 120 meeting rooms at DB Schenker offices.

This measure will substantially improve intelligibility in all rooms, facilitating communication between participants during videoconferences and meetings.

For these installations, the client relied on Ecler ACOUSTICS: the certified materials (VOC French A+ Class; STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®; B-s2 d0 according to EN13501-1; Class B according to ASTM-E84) were a must, as well as their fast and versatile mounting systems, allowing them to choose the type of installation depending on the shape and construction of each room.

Installed material:

NOISE1-1004A  |  NOISE1-602A  |  NOISE3-602A  |  NOISE4-602A




One of COVID-19 most dangerous means of propagation is the microparticles we expel through the mouth when speaking, that's why it is important to keep always the minimum safe distance.

An environment with a good acoustic treatment will improve communication, with the result of a more comfortable conversation where a lower and more relaxed tone of voice can be maintained, substantially reducing the number and range of the microparticles.

In addition, Ecler ACOUSTICS panels are made of PET-Polyethylene Terephthalate from recycled plastic bottles (more than 60%), contributing in the fight against chemical contamination on the planet.

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