As we told you this year, Ecler ACOUSTICS, was born to turn acoustics into an ally of audio installations and achieve the best sound experience.



Points of view collection

The POINTS OF VIEW collection, designed in collaboration with Luis Eslava, has been specially created for residential and commercial spaces, such as restaurants, offices, hotels, sports centres or classrooms. Attention has been paid to acoustic performance, but with an awareness of the visual impact of such an element, which must either blend into the environment and go unnoticed or give personality to the space. That’s why ECLER ACOUSTICS offers an attractive range of designs with unlimited aesthetic possibilities.

The LEA (Lightweight Ecological Absorbent) acoustic panels are manufactured in more than 60% with recycled material, PET-Polyethylene Terephthalate from plastic bottles, and has obtained the best classification in the fire reaction certificates and the lowest level of emission of toxic substances. In addition, thanks to the included accessories, they can be installed quickly, either attached to the wall with Velcro® or suspended from the ceiling.


 Available Web Tools


As we believe that each environment is unique, we offer you an advanced web design tool to customise your room: COMPOSER. Dress your walls and ceilings with unique designs.

Acoustic RT calculator 

In website private area, within sales tools menu, Ecler puts at your disposal an exclusive tool (based on statistics) that will help you to predict and evaluate the amount of panels that your space requires to have a comfortable reverberation time. 
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Ecler Acoustics Lookbook 2019 Download (English)
Ecler Acoustics Lookbook 2019 Download (French)
Ecler Acoustics Lookbook 2019 Download (Deustch)
Ecler Acoustics Lookbook 2019 Download (Spanish)

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