Ecler products with DANTE ™ technology are also compatible with the AES67 protocol. In addition, some products incorporate a new external power supply.

Dante AES67 composicion EN

AES67 is an audio-over-IP interoperability standard established by the Audio Engineering Society (AES) in September 2013 and last updated in 2018. This standard acts like a translator between protocols that broadens interconnection options between audio over IP devices.

The digital interface DN44BOB, the compact amplifiers series eCA Dante™ and the digital matrix MIMO4040DN are compatible with AES67 protocol maximizing its compatibility with third party devices. Naturally, AES67 is a routable IP Protocol, allowing audio over IP solutions to extend beyond simple local networks.

In Audinate’s web page you could find a video where the protocol in a Dante™ network is explained thoroughly.

NewDC composition

We focus on developing upgrades and improvements of all our products. A clear example of this is the new external power source that’s already installed in 2019 products like eCOMPACT4BT. During the next months and progressively, other devices will incorporate this new external power supply.

Some advantages we want to highlight with this change:

  • Lower consumption
  • Interferences and circuitry temperature reduction
  • It’s easier to perform maintenance operations
  • Multiple power plug types according to different standards
  • Anti-pull connector to prevent unintentional disconnection

The following products will incorporate the new power supply:
DAM614 | eSAM402 | eSAM702 | DUO-NET PLAYER | SAM412T | SAM612T

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