Espoo, Finland

Tapiolan Bowling Alley with Ecler Audio

Tapiola Bowling Alley is an essential part of Tapiola, offering experiences for school groups, friends, and businesses alike. It is a place where anyone who enjoys bowling, pooling and experiential leisure activities can feel at home. When the bowling alley's outdated sound system needed a modern upgrade, Ideafix was chosen to undertake the project. 

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The challenge

The complex, consisting of multiple differently styled spaces, required careful sound system planning. The sound produced by bowling couldn't overpower the music, while the volume elsewhere had to be controlled. As part of the renovation, the entire system management was centralized to one location, allowing for individual control of each area as needed. Tapiola Bowling Alley relies on the products of Spanish brand Ecler for their sound system. 

Our solution

Near the bowling lanes, four Ecler ARQIS112i 500W loudspeakers and two Ecler ARQISSB15i subwoofers provide robust sound to the entire zone. This configuration, ensures that the sound of falling pins and cheering doesn't overshadow the music. It was particularly important to have sufficient sound for glow bowling, where music plays a crucial role in creating the right atmosphere for an exciting neon-game. The amplifiers selected were the Ecler eLPA2-1400 (2x1400W) and Ecler eLPA2-650 (650W). 

In addition to bowling, Tapiola Bowling Alley also offers other entertainment options, including four professional-grade pool tables. The sound system in the two different-sized billiard rooms was also upgraded. In the larger room, groups of friends and colleagues can enjoy the ambiance of the game accompanied by uplifting sound from three Ecler ARQIS108i 8" (150W) loudspeakers. The smaller room is equipped with two Ecler AUDEO106 speakers. This solution, provides suitable sound coverage for both spaces. The selected amplifier for the billiard rooms was the eLPA2-650. 

The Bowling Alley's restaurant is a popular lunch spot among locals, attracting a steady flow of customers. Diners can enjoy their meals to the pleasant rhythm of music. Discreetly installed speakers deliver balanced and rich sound. For the restaurant area and outdoor terrace, Ecler AUDEO106 (50W) speakers were installed. With an IP54 rating, these speakers are well-suited for outdoor use and terrace areas. The restaurant and terrace speakers are connected to the Ecler eGPA2-150 (2x150W) amplifier. 

The entire system and different areas are controlled using the Ecler HUB1408 digital zone controller, allowing comprehensive system management conveniently through a web browser and by using the pilot app from any smart device. 

The placement of speakers, especially those near the bowling lanes, required careful consideration, but the skilled technicians at Ideafix resolved the situation with excellent results. The music sounds just as it should in every space. A satisfied customer is the best reward for a job well done. 

Products installed at the Bowling


14x8 | digital zoner | DSP | plug&play

Ecler pilot

Ecler pilot | mobile application


2x650 WRMS | lightweight | stereo | amplifier


2x1400 WRMS | lightweight | stereo | amplifier


2x150 WRMS | class D | stereo | amplifier


6.5" | 2-way | 50 WRMS | Giugiaro Design


8" | 2-way | 150 WRMS | wooden made


12" | 2-way | 500 WRMS | wooden made


15" | 1-way | 600 WRMS | wooden sub-woofer
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