Collbató, Spain

Audio solutions at SLAM Sports Club Collbató

The SLAM Sports Club in Collbató underwent a remarkable transformation with the help of Impulse BCN, a renowned design firm, and the coordination of Mercè Aguilar. Seeking to create an unparalleled audiovisual experience, the club enlisted the expertise of Belaudire Audiovisuales for the integration of cutting-edge audiovisual solutions with Ecler products.

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Belaudire team embarked on the task of seamlessly connecting and controlling all audio sources and volumes across the complex’s different zones using a sophisticated HUB1616 audio matrix. Strategically placed indoor and outdoor loudspeakers provided ambient music in specific areas, while robust PA systems featuring ARQISi Series delivered exceptional sound quality for high-intensity activities such as spinning classes and gym sessions.

Each zone received a meticulous setup, featuring WpaBT Bluetooth audio receivers and individual WPNET4KV for source selection and volume adjustment. The Ecler pilot control application was seamlessly integrated into the club's mobile devices, empowering instructors to independently manage and select music for their classes while leaving the overall background music unaffected.

In the spinning room, Belaudire integrated large-format screens to enhance instructor-led activities. Technogym's central system was connected to the HUB1616 audio matrix, allowing for seamless distribution of video signals to the screens while amplifying the audio through the PA system.

The gym area received an interactive touch with the installation of user-friendly screens and several eMOTUS5OD loudspeakers, fostering a more engaging environment during workouts.

Outside, an eye-catching LED screen was installed to serve as an information hub, providing the club with a dynamic platform to communicate various activities and events to its members and visitors, while also serving as a powerful advertising medium with powerful and clear sound from eMOTUS5OD loudspekaers.

The successful integration of audiovisual solutions at the SLAM Sports Club exemplifies Ecler's commitment to delivering exceptional experiences through cutting-edge technology. With expertise in transforming spaces and shaping immersive environments, Ecler continues to be at the forefront of the AV industry, offering businesses the opportunity to elevate their spaces to new heights.

Products installed at the Sports Club


16x16 | digital zoner | DSP | plug&play

Ecler pilot

Ecler pilot | mobile application


2x5,25" | 2-way | 140 WRMS | wooden made


5" | 2-way | 40 WRMS | IP65 | outdoors


Bluetooth® Wall Panel Receiver


EclerNet Wall Control Panel
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