EclerNet V6: it's time to update your platform

EclerNet turns 10 and we celebrate it with a new v6 version. Innovation has always been our driving force and as part of EclerNet's 10th anniversary, today we are glad to announce the release of the latest version V6.002r.

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Since it has now been 10 years from the first installation of EclerNet we are celebrating with multiple activities to keep you in the know!


Flash content will no longer be supported on web browsers in 2021. In case you are using web browsers as UCP clients in your EclerNet Projects, please upgrade EclerNet Manager software and hardware firmware to this latest version, compatible with HTML5.

The new features:

  1. HTML5 compatible

    Upgrade your EclerNet Manager version and all firmware of hardware devices in your installation if you are using web browsers as UCP clients in your EclerNet Projects.

  2. MIMO4040CDN with AEC

    Especially designed for conferencing applications in corporate spaces. Up to 8 AEC channels, automix function, 25 ducker modules, feedback killer and flexible I/O routing scheme.

  3. Flexible routing input/output ports

    Easily route the physical or Dante™/AES67 available inputs and outputs ports, to the standard mixing matrix or the AEC modules.

  4. Tooltips for i/o routing information

    Mouse over the input/output gives you information about its label, channel and where it's being used within the matrix.

  5. Multiple buttons actioned with a single click

    Stacking up UCP buttons allows you to execute a batch of actions with a single click on the upper visible button.

  6. Trigger digital events with audio signals

    Using a Ducker as the trigger to create events based on audio signal detection.

  7. Add external devices in your project

    It allows you to create standard UCP panels that employ NET String buttons to control external devices. Just by changing the IP address is enough to control any real external device.

Take a look to the video below and discover all the new features in detail. Visit our exclusive EclerNet website and download EclerNet.

Download EclerNet

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