5" | 2-way | 2x25 WRMS | powered | BT | stereo kit

Commercial Loudspeakers | Reference: CEMOTUS5PBWC,CEMOTUS5PBWH

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eMOTUS5PB is a stereo loudspeaker kit including an active and a passive cabinet. eMOTUS5PB performs BT connection, balanced and unbalanced audio inputs. Moreover, it includes an IR remote control and 0-10VDC remote port for volume control. A professional and compact loudspeaker stereo kit, a user-friendly and cost-effective formula with a fantastic performance and a unique design that will easily fit in a massive number of multimedia applications: education classrooms, corporate meeting rooms, retail stores, etc. Available in white colour.

  • Stereo 2-way loudspeaker stereo kit – powered loudspeaker + passive loudspeaker
  • Full range: 5” woofer and 1” tweeter
  • Integrated amplifier 2 x 25 WRMS (MASTER unit)
  • Volume control and tone control (bass & treble) in the MASTER unit
  • Euroblock balance stereo input on the MASTER UNIT
  • Non-balanced RCA input on the MASTER UNIT
  • Wireless BT stereo input
  • Mono/Stereo switch
  • Link between the MASTER and the SLAVE unit via Euroblock connectors.
  • Integrated power supply source (MASTER unit)
  • Selectable power voltage 115 V/230 V (MASTER unit)
  • Auto standby function (automatic standby mode / energy saving without the need to turn the system on or off each day)
  • Integrated Anti-Clip System
  • LED activity display
  • Reinforced ABS construction
  • BT wireless connection, remote control port (0-10 VDC – RJ45 connector) and remote control


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