Inmersive sound: an unknown sensory experience.


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From 14th to 17th June, ECLER participated in the Sónar Festival in Barcelona as the audio partner of INTORNO LABS, a young "start up", located in the technological district of Barcelona 22@, which has developed an effective system of "immersive sound"

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The people who were present at Sónar+D were able to differentiate instruments located in any part of the Intorno stand, sounds that travelled throughout the acoustic space, and at the same time perceive the movement of sound.

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The audio system comprised 32 totally independent channels: 32 x eAMBIT103 loudspeakers powered by 4 x eGPA8-150 8-channel amplifiers, distributed on the 4 walls and ceiling of a specially built cabin to create the immersive experience. Visitors to Sónar+D were able to control the software created by Intorno themselves. In the cockpit, a tablet allowed the visitor to locate various sounds in real time in any part of the space, enabling them to live a sensory experience unknown to date.


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Thousands of visitors were impressed by the Intorno Labs cabin. The innovative sound system has all the points to make it appear as one of the most groundbreaking sensory experiences of the current audio atmosphere.


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