6x2 | 1U rack | 3-band EQ | analogue mixer

Installation Preamps And Mixers | Reference: CSAM612T

SAM612TImage 1

SAM612T is an installation audio mixer in standard rack format, featuring 6 MIC/LINE ST inputs + 1 ST MIX input and 1 ST MAIN output + 1 ST REC output. Each input has a dedicated 3-band tone control, a feature which is fundamental to get a perfect microphone mix in an installation. Input 1 includes talkover (priority) function over the mix bus and additional front panel jack connector. Main output ST/MONO mode switch and MUTE port for external dry contact triggering.

  • 6 input channels, 2 main outputs 19” installation mixer
  • Micro sensitivity level can be adjusted on the back panel
  • +18V Phantom Power available in all “MIC” inputs
  • Direct micro input on front panel, channel 1
  • Includes a talkover assigned to “INPUT 1” with internal release time adjustment
  • Three-band tone controls for each channel, accessible with a screwdriver
  • Vu-meter for the mix signal
  • Two internally adjustable output levels
  • Recording output
  • Direct access to the mixing bus allowing you to connect another mixer and increase the number of inputs
  • Remote MUTE control affecting all inputs for connecting fire detection systems other safety devices. Internally programmable “NO / NC” (normally open, normally closed)
  • Mono/stereo switch


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