Slim Compact Column Loudspeaker

Commercial Loudspeakers | Reference: CMIA81BK,CMIA81WH

MIA-81 Front.png

MIA-81 is a an elegant, unique a compact design column loudspeaker, built in a single aluminium piece to avoid vibrations and mechanical stress. MIA-81 includes 8x1.5” drivers delivering 40WRMS and behave as a mini line array with the disposition of 8 drivers per column and the possibility of working in 16 Ω or 64 Ω by selecting them behind the logo without the need to remove the grille. MIA-81 is available in black and white colour, is IP44 graded ready for outdoor applications and ready to work for high and low impedance lines. As a highlight, the included FLATY bracket allows the column to be mounted against the wall. FLATY is made of stainless steel and allows to be adjusted at any point along the length of the column.

  • Column passive loudspeaker for surface mounting.
  • 8x1.5" woofers Mini In-line Array.
  • Compatible with High (64Ω) and Low (16 Ω) impedance, selectable via the switch behind the logo.
  • Aluminium one-piece non resonant compact enclosure.
  • Stack Output.
  • FLATY bracket included for wall mounting. Made out of stainless-steel that permits adjusting the height at any point of the length of the column.
  • Weather-protected with an IP-44 rating.
  • Available in black (RAL9005) and white (RAL9003)
  • EASE files available.


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Available in Q2