300W@100V | SPM 100 tech | mono | amplifier

High Impedance | Reference: CHSA300

HSA300Image 1

HSA300 is a single channel amplifier with direct 100 V line (high impedance) output. It’s equipped with ECLER’s proprietary SPM 100 Technology - Channel N, which allows for 100 V speaker lines connection without using 100 V line transformers, as this kind of amplifiers usually do. This fact has many advantages, being the main one the excellent audio quality, specially improved in the low-end frequencies when compared to classical 100V line amplifiers.

  • 1 mono balanced input
  • 1 output (100V line level)
  • Euroblock connectors
  • SPM 100 amplification Technology - Channel N (no 100V output transformers used):- Improved frequency response (specially at the low-end)- Great efficiency- Low weight


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