5" | 2-way | 35 WRMS | WiSpeak | powered | 360º H dispersion | pendant

Wireless Receivers | Reference: CGLOBE5PDBK,CGLOBE5PDWH


WiSpeak GLOBE is a 2-way self-powered sphere loudspeaker with wireless audio reception and control capabilities under the control of the Master unit. It includes a 5" woofer and a 1" silk dome tweeter. 360° horizontal dispersion. Available in two versions - with light-rail compatible installation system (RM) and pendant installation system (PD).

  • 5" woofer + 1" tweeter
  • 32W RMS power rating
  • Dispersion 360° x 160° (HxV)
  • ABS reinforced with fibreglass
  • PD version with 2 x 5m steel cords for pendant installation
  • PD version with Euroblock power supply connection
  • 1x WiSpeak wireless audio signal received, from the transmitter it is paired to
  • Front panel UNPAIR control and LED indicators
  • 12 meters maximum range, open space, for the WiSpeak wireless network (from the transmitter to each receiver)
  • Available in white (RAL 9003) and black colour (RAL 9005)


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All you need is GLOBE All you need is GLOBE

Magnificent Sound Quality

GLOBE is a self powered 2 way full range sphere loudspeaker with wireless audio reception with a 5" woofer and a 1" silk dome tweeter

More Bass!

By setting up the filter and EQ in your WiSpeak grip app GLOBE will work as Bass reinforcement to other WiSpeak Loudspeakers

360º sound dispersion

WiSpeak GLOBE unique design is calculatedly placed to produce a 360º sound dispersion.

Exclusive design

Featuring a unique, clean, and robust design WiSpeak GLOBE is the new family member of Ecler professional wireless audio system with thousands of units sold worldwide. 

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