VIDA-24Q: Introducing VIDA Series of Amplifiers

Are you ready for a game-changing audio experience? Meet the VIDA Series of Amplifiers. 

VIDA stands for Versatile Installation Digital Amplifier

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VIDA is Energy, Vibration, Harmony, Power, Sustainable.

But also,


Distribute all the available power asymmetrically across channels the way of your choosing thanks to VersaPower.

Assigning easily from the Embedded Web Application the 2400 W of VIDA-24Q to a single channel or distribute them across any of the 4 output channels.

Sleep Mode

Aside from the auto stand-by function programmable by channel, when no activity is detected in the amplifier, VIDA features a “Sleep Mode” with one of the lowest energy consumption ratios in this amplifier category.

Why VIDA Series is sustainable? Check it here

Events automation

Create custom calendar events and use GPI to control knobs, player options, mute, or loading presets. Customize third-party protocols to suit your space requirements using GPIs or Ethernet.

Embedded Audio Player

Playback from micro SD card. Choose and edit your local music playlist based on calendar (automated) / instant events / user control (real-time).

User control panels

Use a simple editor to create, edit, and manage user control panels on your smart device to control VIDA amplifiers. Assign different control panels with specific functionalities to users based on their needs.

Groups control

Grouped control of networked amplifiers, ready to grow up. That allows to seriously consider deploying many advanced, distributed and integrated installations under a centralised control.

Advanced DSP Processing

Including Backup and Priority audio modes, PEQ, GEQ, Limiters, Delays, Mixer/Matrix and Zoner modes and more.

VIDA Series models:

VIDA-16Q: 1600 W

VIDA-24Q: 2400 W

VIDA-48Q: 4800 W

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