TRAIL103 loudspeaker: can you hear the lights?

We are delighted to present our new rail-mount loudspeaker: Ecler TRAIL103.

Publication date


TRAIL103 is a 3" lamp style loudspeaker cabinet, featuring an installation system which is compatible with ceiling light rails, as well as surface mount, truss mount, etc. High Impedance (15W and 30W taps) and Low Impedance (4Ω) connections included.

Key features:

3” driver

Mounting options (included): ceiling light rails, surface mount and truss/threaded bar adapter

Low impedance connection: 4ohm

High impedance connection: 15/30W selector

Available in white and black finish


Shopping centres

Retail shops

PA distributed sound systems

Clubs, Cafes, Bars foreground/background reinforcement

Health and sports centres

Meeting and conference rooms