The success of Rosselli’s de Turín gym

The Italian gym chain, Orange, opens one of his fitness centre in Turín (Italy) with a complete audio system from Ecler. The recognized brand is known for using an audiovisual system as a platform to support the sports activities of the centre
Ecler’s loudspeakers have been chosen for itheir versatile design that easily adapts to the aesthetic features of the gym and for their unbeatable capacity for reproducing loud volumes during training sessions.

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Cesare Fornasero, shareholder of Orange Group, gives us his point of view: “Our group has been present in Turin for more than 20 years. In 2010 we started a new business model based on the low cost philosophy. This model has been adapted through the years and our low cost gyms have only maintained the price. Service and quality offered are as good as medium/high level gyms. During these years, we have opened 8 Clubs. We aim for high tech machines at an affordable price.”

The importance of audio in a gym

When starting a new gym project it is very important to give significance to the installations and subdivision of spaces according to the future activities.

This case study describes the perfect Ecler user sound system experience distributed by Exhibo.

“During these years” - says Fornasero – “we have accomplished a trajectory that has driven us to constantly renovate the offer so as to improve it. In the beginning we changed the structure, we created huge spaces, installed innovative equipment and we selected more qualified staff”.

“For us, audio is a very important to improve client satisfaction. That’s why we didn’t doubt when choosing Ecler, a recognized brand, for its excellence. Moreover, the satisfaction of our clients has been better than expected.”

Orange considers audio quality as one of their main priorities because they believe that music helps motivation when doing physical excercise and that is what they seek it out for their clients.

“When analysing the level of implication of users during a group activity we need to take into account elements like the instructor, quality of machines and facilities, music...” – and then music is important in this equation.

Product applications and locations:

The AUDEO series is one of Ecler’s historic products and is clearly defined by its sound quality and its refined design. It is fruit of the collaboration with GIUGIARDO Design.

You can find AUDEO 106 in the machine space. They are used for ambiental music and ads. AUDEO 103 have been installed on the footbridge. Both AUDEO models complement each other with our new compact subwoofer ARQISSB10.

In the changing room we can find IC6CLASS and ICSB10, loudspeakers built into the ceiling that provide a discrete design but also guarantee a perfect sound.

ARQIS108, ARQIS110 and ARQIS112 have been installed in order to give loud sound pressure levels in the training rooms. The wood cabinets of ARQIS series are the perfect ones for complicated installations.

When it comes to electronics, if we take a look at the rack, we can recognize a wide range of amplifiers that belong to the HSA series for 100V lines, GPA 2-400 and eLPA, that are the ones in charge of feeding the ARQIS subwoofers for low impedance.

You can turn on/off and manage the volumes from the gym reception desk and from the management office thanks to our digital amplifiers of the NXA series. We complement all this with a pair of digital matrixes MIMO88 that make remote control easier for users. With the operating panel WPm SCREEN installed in the reception desk it is possible to configure audio in an easy way and adapt it to the needs of the gym.. Moreover, the gym director can also control the audio from his Smartphone with an operating panel designed specifically for him.

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Orange fitness installed:
MIMO88Image 1


8x8 | digital matrix | DSP | expandable
NXA4-200Image 1


4x200 WRMS | DSP | Class D | Silent | TP-NET | EclerNet
GPA2-400ESImage 1


2x350 WRMS | Energy Star | stereo | amplifier
AUDEO106Image 1


6.5" | 2-way | 50 WRMS | Giugiaro Design
ARQIS108iImage 1


8" | 2-way | 150 WRMS | wooden made
ARQIS110iImage 1


10" | 2-way | 300 WRMS | wooden made
ARQIS112iImage 1


12" | 2-way | 500 WRMS | wooden made