RePLAYER: Music at your fingertips

New firmware and new remote control app for PLAYER ONE and PLAYER ZERO. Check the presentation video and download the app for free.

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RePLAYER is an Android/iOS application for remote controlling basic user functions of Ecler PLAYER ONE and PLAYER ZERO streaming media players. These basic functions include preset and audio source selection, volume control, playback control (PLAY/PAUSE, NEXT, PREV) and other settings such as repeat mode, mono/stereo or fade mode. All this in a simple to use application, with an intuitive design.

Music control at your fingertips.

PLAYER ONE and PLAYER ZERO integrate online radio services with the latest firmware update. Discover more than 120.000 broadcasters. Listen and store in your device’s presets online content such as music, sports, podcasts and worldwide radio stations.

Download the app for free:

Download RePLAYER for Android®

Download RePLAYER for iOS®

Check RePLAYER video below.