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Meet Ecler German team!

Within its expansion the company is now proud to announce the opening of a sales subsidiary in Germany: NEEC Aaudio Deustchland.

Ecler has been going through different stages since its inception in Barcelona in 1965. More than a decade ago the brand changed its focus from pro audio with a strong component in DJ and entertainment towards commercial audio business. The well-known SPM (Switching Power MOSFET) Technology amplifiers that were awarded as the Best Buys by PRODUCTION PARTNER German magazine in late 90’s led to a successful range of innovative and sustainable solutions for PRO AV system integrators. Besides an increasing number of software based products, Ecler has been putting in good efforts on improving the external appearance of more visible products like speakers and wall panels in collaboration with well-known Italian designer GIUGIARO. A global green awareness is as well, a vital commitment for the brand, energy-saving product designs and sustainable policies on manufacturing are always a must.

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Nowadays, Ecler has an extensive international network covering more than 60 countries and is achieving a higher number of prestigious installations. To name a few: in the 13 Hotel in Macao, considered one of the most luxurious and expensive hotels in the world containing 200 rooms from 185sqm to 2.787sqm, six restaurants, a commercial space and a casino, there are installed 500 CA40 micro-amplifiers among other products; the biggest H&M store in Europe (5.500sqm – Budapest) where MIMO88SG digital matrix takes control of all other Ecler devices; or in the corporate vertical market, the Council of Europe in Brussels (Résidence Palace building), a 70.646sqm surface with offices, restaurants and meeting rooms, where Ecler’s HZA4-120F high impedance amplifier with its FLEXIPOWER Technology is the star product.

NEEC Audio Barcelona (owner of Ecler brand) has successfully managed to doubled its turnover in only 3 years and a half. Within its expansion the company is now proud to announce the opening of a sales subsidiary in Germany : NEEC AUDIO DEUSTCHLAND. Felix Tonne has been appointed CEO of this new subsidiary that will be depending of headquarters Sales Director Luis Hinojar. Within this new sales structure in Germany the previous distributor SLD MEDIATEC will play an important new role as Master Dealer of a number of accounts. NEEC AUDIO DEUTSCHLAND will be overlooking all sales and marketing operations in Germany, including SLD MEDIATEC. Felix Tonne stated “SLD has been doing a wonderful job for Ecler these years and it will be an important contribution to our growth as well in the coming years”. NEEC Audio Deutschland GmbH will start from 1st of August with 3 salesmen who have a long and deep experience in the audio industry. The new Sales Manager Jens Bange says: “The sales concept is based on consistency and reliability to serve our customers from the project business in the best possible way. We will introduce the innovative products and strong advantages to our customers to