Introducing HUB Series: fasten your seat belts

Ecler's new DSP zone managers are now available. The HUB series extends the benefits with respect to its predecessor eMIMO1616 and adds one more model.

Publication date


Your new operations center

-Start up the device in 5 simple steps with the HUB Quick Guide

-Load 1 of the 4 available predefined setups in one click from your computer or mobile device

-Control volume, source and EQ of zones immediately with public pilot panels

-Access the HANGAR embedded web application with any web browser

Prepare for the take off with HANGAR

Fine-tune your installation as an administrator with the following DSP features:

-Eliminate feedbacks with Frequency Shifter

-Selectable stereo / mono inputs and outputs

-Compressor / limiter

-Output X-OVER filter

-Signal delay by zone

-Equalize the output with the new 8-band graphic EQ

-Copy and paste DSP settings between zones

Priority features:

-Send emergency messages and voice warnings with ducker / pager features

-4 priority levels and volume independent of zone volume

Users an panels:

-Create up to 20 users and 32 custom control panels (pilot panels)

After taking off

Several remote control options

-Up to 8 eMCONTROL1 wall panels (digital control + remote audio)

-Up to 2 eMPAGE paging consoles

-Ecler pilot app (available Android and iOS)

-Third party control via TP-NET (RS-232 and Ethernet)