eMOTUS8OD: eMOTUS5 success in bigger scale

We are glad to announce the availability of the brand new eMOTUS cabinet loudspeaker: eMOTUS8OD

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eMOTUS sound quality

We let the specialists tell you about eMOTUS series

"Honestly after using it in more than 20 outdoor and indoor installations the past 2 years it's probably the best sounding speaker of its size. In some cases even DJs though I was supporting it with a sub!"

Vassilis Ypsilantis (Sound Engineer /Owner of Sound Advice International)

"They perform like nothing else I have heard in their class and definitely not in their price range. And they have some style rather than looking like the multitude of other small self-powered AV speakers out there, (many of which clearly come from the same source). Give them a go, you will be impressed" 

David Cribbis ( Audio Business Manager at Midwich Australia)

Amazing features:

-2 ways 8" woofer & 1" tweeter full range speaker

-Low and High Impedance lines (70/100V) ready: with power selection tap in the rear side.

-Power handling: 100W RMS @ 8Ω  | 60W / 30W / 15W / 7,5W / 3,75W @ 70/100V 

-Indoor and Outdoor (IP65) installations. Aluminum grill. Back rubber cover protection for input connectors. Anti-yellowing treatment. 

-High efficiency high & mid frequencies for outdoor performance

-Wall mounting accessories and safety sling included

-Available in both colors: black & white

-Unique design maintaining the series stylish shape suitable for a wide range of installations