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Ecler becomes an ISO 14001 certified company

ISO 14001 is a tool, an environmental management system, aimed at demonstrating that companies are responsible and committed to environmental protection.

Being sustainable is in our DNA

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Sustainability today covers a broad framework of aspects to consider, ranging from our "Code of Ethics" to the materials used in products and manufacturing processes.

Some of Ecler's Highlights about sustainability:

Energy Effiency

Our HSA, GPA, CA… Series incorporate "auto stand-by". VIDA Series, takes a step further in this regard, with the incorporation of a more evolved similar system: "sleep mode".

Products living forever

It's not uncommon to find amplifiers assembled in the 90s that are still delivering satisfactory service today.

Planned Obsolescence, what is that?

Recycled and Recyclable Materials

We design products with materials that can be recycled and are free of hazardous substances, in accordance with current regulations.

New Packaging

Starting from 2022, all newly launched products only use 90% recycled cardboard, which has been internally verified following ISTA protocols to ensure the protection of the contained products.

Donwload ISO 14001 certificates:

Ecler ISO 14001 certificate - English Version

Ecler ISO 14001 certificado - Versión Español

Ecler ISO 14001 certificat - French Version

Ecler ISO 14001 zertifikat - German Version