Discover eHMA250 powered mixer

We are glad to announce the availability of the new eHMA250 powered mixer. Featuring 6 inputs and 4 outputs, all in 1 RU format.

Publication date


6 available inputs

-Connect different audio sources: Balanced / unbalanced, mic / line, and adjust the input sensitivity level control (GAIN) on the rear panel.

-Talk-Over functioneasily assign priority in 4 of the 6 inputs.

-Phantom power for condenser microphones (15VDC).

-Pager input with integrated Chime function.

High and low impedance options

-It adapts to any kind of installation/application: 250W @ 4Ω / 8Ω / 50V / 70V / 100V.

-4 mono zone outputs for high impedance applications with ON/OFF switches on the front panel, or 1 mono output in low impedance mode.

-Excellent sound quality thanks to direct 100V transformerless output.

-Frequency response in low impedance from 20Hz.

Lighter, more efficient and ecological

-Reduces weight and size in half compared to the previous eHMA240.

-Auto Stand-by: automatically reduces power consumption.

Other features

-Remote volume control via WPa series wall panels.

-Volume control per channel, and two-band EQ for the output mix on the front panel.

-MUTE external mute terminal.