All aboard: Brussels train station with Ecler

Round Group, experts in audiovisual engineering installed a new audio system at Europe Station (European Parliament in Brussels).

The building is the old Brussels-Luxembourg train station that has been completely renovated. It's open now to visitors as it has an exposition explaining the different buildings of the European Parliament in Brussels. Such an exclusive location needed an equivalent impressive audio solution.

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This was provided by the installation of ARQIS105 speakers in white, with custom modified suspension brackets to hang them from an ideal point under the ceiling, ensuring a complete and smooth coverage through the venue.

Mixing of the audio sources and amplification was also provided by Ecler equipment, COMPACT5 analogue installation mixer and eGPA4-150 ultra slim multi-channel amplifiers (high energy efficiency).

“The European motto 'Made in Europe' was fully applied in this project as Ecler is a European manufacturer based in Barcelona”, says Mark Bauwens CEO of Round Group.

“The result is an audio system very easy to use, even by non-technically trained staff, breathtaking audio quality and power from visually discreet speakers”, affirms Bauwens.

This train station is equipped with


5,25" | 2-way | 70 WRMS | wooden made


4x150 WRMS | class D | stereo | amplifier