Increase compatibility with the new EclerNet Manager version!

We are glad to announce a new version of the EclerNet Manager software application that implements the following improvements, among others:
  • WPNET4KV & WPNET8K wall panels backward compatibility

    Updating the wall panel's firmware (firmware_WPNET_R_v1_01r1.bin included in ENM pack) you can use this controls in MIMO88, MIMO88SG, MIMO1212SG and NXA Series amplifiers EclerNet projects.

  • Extension to 64 virtual controls in all MIMOs
The virtual controls available are multiplied x4.

  • UCP basic templates, new background images and x-large graphics scales

Within the new EclerNet Manager pack you will find a folder called Basic Controls ENM. On the following versions, the graphics library will not be included in the executable file, it will be a folder that you can host anywhere on your hard drive.



Download the new EclerNet Manager version 


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