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Ecler y la Fundación Dr. Ivan Mañero

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The Dr. Ivan Mañero Foundation, is a non-governmental organization dedicated to humanitarian work in Guinea Bissau. Guided by values such as solidarity, respect, commitment, equality, human dignity, coherence, future, and cooperation, the foundation manages various solidarity projects.

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One of the foundation's key initiatives is providing support to students who have faced significant challenges in their lives, including abandonment, abuse, and mistreatment. These young learners require specialized psycho-pedagogical assistance to overcome their traumatic experiences and receive a quality education.

Since September 2016, Ecler has been actively involved in a pilot program designed to offer continuous support through sound and video in acquiring fundamental skills such as reading, writing, and basic mathematics

We are passionate about education

One invaluable asset in the daily lives of the dedicated teachers involved in this initiative are the eMOTUS5PB loudspeakers sets with Bluetooth. Having AV tools enhance the teaching and learning experience, facilitating effective communication and interaction within the classroom.