Audio for Hotels

Make your guests want to come back!

¿What does Ecler Audio Solutions offer to your Hotel?

Space Zoning

Audio systems must provide different types of music and allow adjusting parameters in specific areas: chill out for the spa, soft rhythms in the lobby, intense beats for the gym and the disco, some jazz in the restaurant.

Sensory Experience

Emotions, sound, light and video play fundamental roles in multisensory experiences. Hotels worldwide are increasingly creating a exclusive department to offer unforgettable experiences to their guests.

Brand awarness

Depending on your guests’ experiences at your hotel, they will remember it as part of your brand. Audio is a vehicle that drives the client to full comfort within your facilities.

Part of your hotel staff!

What do the experts say...

«A great sound equipment helps increasing customer loyalty» 

Ian Harris


«When it comes to audio branding design for a business, sound quality becomes crutial»

Marta Vega

Marketing and Sales Director

«When designing a project, the sound must be coherent and correctly-equalized»

Carlo Carbone


We want you to offer the best sound experience!

Do not miss this unique opportunity:

We give away a whole audio installation study!

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Some hotels offering Ecler sound experience

Barceló Renacimiento Sevilla

Awarded by WTAs 2019 as one of the best hotels in the world.

Marriott Tang Plaza 

One of the world renowned Hotel franchises installed Ecler to offer a sound experience.  

Sheraton Hotel Istanbul

Five star hotel requiring high performing capability on our sound equipment. 

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