The DPA amplifier series were specially developed for fixed installations, even though they can be used for mobile applications due to their features. The DPA amplifiers combine renowned SPM (1) technology, which has been developed and patented by Ecler with the possibility to optionally incorporate processors like the digital module amic, which can be configured with a PC over USB and allows an comprehensive audio signal processing.

Most important features
  • Input gain control on front panel with protection against undesired manipulation
  • Signal present indicator (above -40dB) and clip indicator (1,5dB before actual clipping)
  • Balanced inputs with XLR connectors
  • Balanced stack-out outputs on jack connectors
  • Power outputs with speak-on connectors
  • Subsonic filter and integrated anticlip
  • Connection possibility of TAWA, UCM 20 or AMIC modules at the rear panel
  • Temperature controlled cooling system
  • Completely and effectively protected
  • All models are 2 rack units high
The possibility to install processing cards directly into the amplifier, allows a complete adjustment to the requirements of the audio system, as well as protection against undesired manipulation.


Three types of processing modules for different needs. The digital card AMIC allows a comprehensive processing of audio signals through easy parameter setting with Ecler’s specific amiclab software. The amic module can be configured by connecting it to a PC, without necessity of being connected to the power amplifier. It has been designed specifically for installation into amplifiers from the DPA series with Ecler’s SPM technology. Its exceptional audio processing features turn it into a highly versatile tool:
  • Independent 4-way outputs: 2 internal and 2 external
  • Parametric EQ with 10 filters for each way
  • Gain adjustment for each way
  • Crossover with selectable slope and type
  • Delay
  • Limitador compresor
  • Phase inverter
  • Signal generator
  • Graphic display for curves
  • Password protected configuration
Download recommended AMIC settings for most wanted DPA-DACORD combinations. Check DACORD Series Cookbook for more information.
dpa600 front
DPA 600
dpa1000 front
DPA 1000
dpa2000 front
DPA 1400
dpa2000 front
DPA 2000



  DPA600 DPA1000 DPA1400 DPA2000
POWER 20-20kHz 1% THD  
2Ω Stereo 410 WRMS 682 WRMS 990 WRMS 1420 WRMS
4Ω Stereo 275 WRMS 440 WRMS 635 WRMS 940 WRMS
8Ω Stereo 180 WRMS 275 WRMS 395 WRMS 550 WRMS
8Ω Bridged 550 WRMS 882 WRMS 1270 WRMS 1880 WRMS
Peak Power 2Ω/1kHz 0.98Kw 1.5Kw 2Kw 2.95Kw
Frequency response (-1dB) 7Hz-50kHz 7Hz-50kHz 7Hz-50kHz 6Hz-50kHz
High pass filter (-3dB) 25Hz/Butt./18dB/oct.
THD+Noise @ 1kHz Full Pwr. <0.03% <0.03% <0.03% <0.07%
Imd. Dist. 50Hz & 7kHz, 4:1 <0.05% <0.08% <0.08% <0.08%
TIM 100 <0.01% <0.01% <0.01% <0.01%
S+N/N 20Hz-20kHz @ 1W/4Ω >85dB >85dB >85dB >85dB
Damping factor 1kHz @ 8Ω >300 >300 >300 >300
Slew Rate ±60V/µs ±65V/µs ±75V/µs ±80Vµs
Channel crosstalk @ 1kHz >75dB >75dB >75dB >75dB
Input connector XLR3 balanced
Input CMRR/ref. Max. PWR) >60dB @ 1kHz
Input Sensitivity / Impedance 0dBV/>22kΩ
Signal present indicator -40dB
Output connectors Speakon
Clip indicators -1.5dB real clip
Anticlip limiter 1% & 5% aprox.
Mains Depending on your country.
See characteristics in the back of the unit.
Power consumption (max. Out) 830VA 1250VA 1720VA 3115VA
Dimensions Panel 482.6x88 mm
Dimensions Depth 420 mm 420 mm 420 mm 470 mm
Weight 12.7kg 16.6kg 19.3kg 22.7kg


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